Manheim Garden News

We’re so excited for Manheim Garden! They have formed a conservancy, purchased the property and structured it as such so it will remain a green space, which Kol Ami was able to help with. They are now up to 2 acres of land for gardening.
In two weeks, Manheim Garden will receive bees for honey production and to help pollinate the expanding orchard. A wood chip garden has been installed which will show an example of a garden that doesn’t require watering or weeding. (Impressive!) The Garden supplies greens (arugula, lettuce and spinach now, with mustard, chard and kale later) to the Urban Cafe on 41st and Troost. They have just finished a funding campaign online because Urban Cafe’s owner, Justin Clark, is in need of an oven while the Garden needed more money to purchase additional land. Justin, a trained chef, will host a white tablecloth gourmet dinner in Manheim Garden in early July. Concerts are being scheduled every third Thursday all summer long, which started a few years ago when Kol Ami’s Lara began musical events there.
Manheim Garden has begun developing an additional 1/4 acre north of the Garden to turn it into a food forest, with help from neighbors and people from all over the Kansas City community. Seasi, a gardener, called it “a place of joy.”
Kol Ami members help Manheim Garden in a variety of ways (Saul Epstein, our Treasurer, helped build the website:, including regular agricultural work on Sunday mornings, Mondays after work and Thursday evenings. Please contact Steve Sackin at

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