Manheim Garden Updates

Sunday, the gardners re-habed the wildflower garden, removing invasive ground cover, poison ivy and planting more native flowers.

This week, they were also able to install two wire arches for cucumbers in the east communal area. The vines will cover the wire cage, and the cucumbers will hang down under the arch when mature.

The garden was also given these two lovely insulated boxes for the tribe of neighborhood cats that frequent the garden. You may have noticed the wet stretch of sidewalk on the west side of the community garden. Our horticulturist, Jill DeWitt, is meeting with a geologist to investigate what may be a natural spring in the garden, and to see how best we can use it as we develop the Forest Avenue frontage.

– Written by Jacob Canyon.

Kol Ami members help Manheim Garden in a variety of ways.

Visit to learn more.  Members are welcome to join regular agricultural work on Sunday mornings, Mondays after work and Thursday evenings. To get involved, please contact Steve Sackin at

Manheim Park + Garden Conservancy

4225 Forest Ave
Kansas City MO 64110

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