Call for Young People to Sing at Rosh Hashanah

Calling Kol Ami Kids and Students

Roberta Solomon, a member of Kol Ami who lives in Portland, OR, will be back in KC to sing our Rosh Hashanah services this year. On Sunday, September 9th, we will have the chance to sing her setting of “Bayom Hahu.” She has said that “young people should always play a significant role when it’s sung.” So we’re hoping that Kol Ami’s kids and students who enjoy singing will sign up to sing this with Roberta and the other adult singers.


How old should students be?

Old enough to be able to learn a tune and sing the words to it. We welcome all ages.

How many rehearsals will there be?

One rehearsal on Sunday afternoon, August 26th, for less than an hour at Country Club Congregational Church where last year’s service was held. And then a brief rehearsal right before the service from 7pm – 7:15pm. (For the premier last year at a local concert, the students who sang it learned it and sang it well after just one rehearsal.) Because this is the only rehearsal, being there is a must.

How will they learn the music?

Once Kol Ami’s music director, Lara Steinel, knows that they’re interested, she’ll send them the music and a recording and video of the concert which will help them learn it. Depending on the age of the student, she will follow up with them or them and their parents over the coming weeks.

Does the music have to be memorized?

No, the words will be printed out on song sheets.

When does the song happen in the service?

It follows the “Aleinu” which is near the end of the service. Most Erev Rosh Hashanah services end by 9pm.

What next, if we’re interested?

Email Lara at to let her know. She’ll follow up with you.

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