Program Launch: Kol Ami Family Experience

First and foremost, our goal for the Kol Ami Family Experience is to build a community. Our programming centers on the following Jewish values: responsibility, community, kindness/warmth/positivity, caring, self-care, keepers of the earth, respect, fairness and trustworthiness. Through those values we will explore Jewish holidays and what it means to be Jewish.

The program is a nine-month program (September through May). We will meet twice monthly. The first meeting of the month will take place before Family Services (usually the second Friday of every month). Programming will start at 6:00 PM and will be followed by a short Shabbat Service at 7:00 PM. The Friday night program will include a pot-luck meal.  The second meeting of the month will be on a Sunday afternoon. Additionally, there will be play dates and other activities throughout the year.

As the program builds we will incorporate service projects that align with the values being taught. To the extent possible, the service projects will aim to support Kol Ami’s partnership with the MLK, Jr. Elementary School.

We encourage everyone to attend these programs. There will be programs for older youth who will also assist in helping and mentoring the younger children. We hope parents of infants and toddlers will use the time as a play date and community builder.

Meeting dates:

Friday, September 13

Sunday, September 20

Sunday, October 13

Sunday, October 20

Friday, November 8

Sunday, November 24

Friday, December 13

Sunday, December 22 Family Channukah event

Friday, January 10

Sunday, January 26

Friday, February 14

Sunday, February 23

Friday, March 13th (tentative)

Sunday, March 22

Sunday April 5

Friday, April 10th (tentative)

Friday May 8th

Sunday May 24

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